Your vote is critical on November 6, 2018

I love this town.  I love its people, its diversity, and its natural beauty.  But my home town is creeping towards financial insolvency. 

Residential developers are currently subsidizing this city’s infrastructure with each new build, but when all the open space is gone, the burden will fall on you and me in perpetuity.  Taxes will rise and values will fall. 

As a Council Member, I offer these 3 pledges: 

  • Resolve the city’s retail blight, traffic congestion, and impending loss of open space.  If we’re smart about it and work together, we can embrace growth while preserving the natural beauty and diversity of our environment.
  • Restore our once-vibrant business climate to pay for city services and emergency responders while keeping property taxes low.  Let’s make Diamond Bar a destination for family entertainment, dining, and shopping for all ethnicities!
  • Restore the people’s trust in their government with open dialogue and community engagement.  We must assure the pending General Plan revision reflects the people’s true wishes, and not those of outside interests.

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I am proud to have earned the full endorsement and support of Wanda Tanaka.  She and her husband are a legend in our fair city and contributed greatly to its rich history.  My promise to her is to follow in Jack's example of honesty, openness, and compassion.  


Why now, why me? 

Despite a common perception to the contrary, all is not right with Diamond Bar.  I say this not because I am running for Diamond Bar City Council...I’m running for City Council because I am forced to say it. 

Just below the surface, and well concealed from view, our fair city is following the same misguided developmental policies that, a half-century ago, put the cities of Glendale, Eagle Rock and South Pasadena into financial disaster. They now suffer from woefully inadequate tax sources, houses built on top of houses, and not one inch of open space. 

They were seduced by the quick and easy money offered by home builders, instead of making long-term investments in commercial developments and a business-friendly environment.  They discovered the hard way that selling off open space is unsustainable and unrecoverable. 

Meanwhile, the city of Laguna Niguel for instance (a nearly mirror image of Diamond Bar), now enjoys spacious lots, abundant open space, wide traffic-free boulevards, and commerce at nearly every major intersection.  Other nearby comparisons include Glendora and San Dimas.

For the last 15 years, Diamond Bar has been in a selling frenzy.  Policy makers now have their eyes on Tres Hermanos Ranch to further perpetuate their misguided economic planning.

Commerce is far more than a convenience.  Without it, a city has no long-term tax base.  Ideally, 80% of a city's taxes are borne by businesses, while in turn, they consume a mere fraction of its essential public services (fire, police, street maintenance, lighting, etc.).  Without commerce, either services are cut or the residents must pick up the slack.

This has to stop now before itʼs too late.  Research the facts.  Talk to your neighbors.  Don’t be seduced by baseless projections and beguiling rhetoric.


My campaign has earned the full endorsement of former Diamond Bar mayors John Forbing, Eileen Ansari, and Debby O'Connor, in addition to Wanda Tanaka, the widow of former mayor Jack Tanaka.  

My Track Record: 

  • Two decades of economic stimulus and sensible growth to the 260,000 residents of Chino, Chino Hills, Eastvale, and Pomona.
  • Innovator, entrepreneur, and collaborator who has worked alongside some of the biggest commercial investors and business developers in the region. 
  • Liaison between the business sector, government agencies, and the K-thru-college education system for more than a generation.
  • Exposed thousands of students and teachers from three unified school districts and Chaffey College to lucrative careers in aviation as Ambassador of the Chino Airport. 
  • In a project spanning several years, I am credited with orchestrating an $18M investment, in the form of 1/2-million square feet of commercial operations, on county-owned property in Chino.  I am also behind the startling $2M transformation taking place at the city-owned Palm Lake Golf Course in Pomona, thanks to a private philanthropist acquaintance. 


  • Budgetary:  MBA, Peter Drucker Graduate School of Management, Claremont Graduate University.
  • Fiduciary:  Corporate Governance & Directorship, UCLA.
  • Leadership:  Officer in US Air Force Auxiliary. 
  • Conflict Resolution:  26 years, professional sports referee.
  • Management:  Business Liaison & Community Outreach Manager, San Bernardino County Department of Airports.


  • 32 year resident of Diamond Bar.
  • Private Pilot and Ambassador of the Chino Airport.
  • Volunteer at Planes of Fame Air Museum.
  • Member of the Pasadena Tournament of Roses.

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Sharing this commitment is my wife of 3 decades, Linette.  While we were never blessed with our own children, we have hosted over two-dozen exchange students from around the world, sponsored two medical students to attend Western University of Health Sciences, and volunteered thousands of hours to local causes and community fellowship.

I am a private pilot, an officer in the US Air Force Auxiliary, a member of the Pasadena Tournament of Roses, and a restoration technologist with the Planes of Fame Air Museum.  I recently retired from 26 years of serving as football referee to the region’s youth, high school and college football programs.

Civic Prosperity  ◊  Hills for Posterity

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